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In Person Classes

Inviting people of ALL ages and abilities/disabilities to join us each week in our classes! Each of our locations throughout Brisbane (AUS) and the GTA (CA) will work with you to ensure that our classes are made accessible for all who want to participate

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Live Classes Online

If our locations are inaccessible to you, or if you just prefer to join us from the comfort of your own home, we invite you to dance with us each week through our online BAMD classes via Zoom

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On Demand

If you are unable to attend classes live, there is still a way for you to join the BAMD community! With our monthly membership, you can access our library of pre-recorded dance classes, tutorials, and online resources anywhere, at anytime!

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Our story

Bust a Move Dance (BAMD) is a leading dance company for children, teens and adults with disabilities.  We work with students of all ages and abilities.

Classes focus on using dance as a vehicle for social and emotional awareness and development. With a conscious focus on mindfulness, students learn to be and stay within the present moment, set intentions, accept and believe in themselves. Each lesson combines meditation, fitness, creative exploration and learning choreography.

Our motto is Limitless, Inclusive, Love.  That means creating a fun and safe environment, free of the shame and judgement so often impressed onto minority groups by a privileged status quo. This allows people with or without disabilities to enjoy limitless learning and self expression through dance.

Community Love

“I love BAMD because it makes me feel apart of a great big family. I love BAMD because it keeps me fit. I love BAMD because I love dancing - it makes me smile.”
Nicholas Panos
BAMD Student
“BAMD is a community where everybody is equal and everyone has one common goal to lose themselves to dance and have a great time whilst doing it!”
Bec Phillips
BAMD Volunteer
"It’s great to see Sarah enjoy dance in an atmosphere that is welcoming and inclusive. Best of all she is a joy to watch as she performs!”
Desma Hill, parent of Sarah aged 19 years
BAMD Parent

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