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‘Dance is a Universal Language’

BAMD’s vision is that people of all abilities feel equal and powerful in the world.

We provide a safe space for people of all abilities to independently create and express themselves and believe people of all abilities have a voice to make change.

Our organisation aims to do this through the vehicle of dance, encouraging young people with disabilities to become resilient and social within their own communities and in turn, develop their self-confidence. Through dance, we enable people of all abilities to belong and create change.



About us BAMD class imageBust a Move Dance (BAMD) is a leading dance company for children, teens and adults with disabilities in Brisbane. We work with students of all ages and abilities.

Dance sessions are all about inclusiveness, having fun, releasing energy and fostering the development of independence and creativity through the vehicle of dance.

We also host classes and workshops at external disability services and day respite centres and are proud to be working with students with a wide range of disabilities including Autism, Down Syndrome, Deafness, intellectual impairments and physical disabilities, to name a few. BAMD encourages 100% independence from students, naturally allowing a huge development in confidence.

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BAMD was founded in 2009 after our Director Ali Phillips was invited to assist Big Night Out – a monthly social event for young adults with disabilities. It was immediately apparent how much joy dance brought the participants, allowing them the opportunity to just be themselves.

Over the years this social enterprise has been in high demand and experienced exceptional growth. Now BAMD runs 14 classes per week, at 9 locations, with multiple dance genres, including contemporary, strength, conditioning and foundation hip hop.




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> Asia Pacific Games 2013 – BAMD reached a huge milestone, performing at the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games in front of 40,000 people



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> Shade 2015 & 2016 – we have provided the platform for a number of our students to transition to professional mainstream productions, with students hired for the successful visual art and street dance collaboration SHADE two years running




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> Special Olympics World Games, Los Angeles 2015 – our team raised almost $60,000 to take 35 dancers with and without disabilities to LA to perform for 6 days throughout the Special Olympics World Games festivals



Nigel Lithgoe with BAMD team at LA Special Olympics 2015 image

> Dizzy Feet Foundation Gala LA 2015
– we were personally invited by Nigel Lythgoe to close the Dizzy Feet Foundation Annual Gala with our performance in front of many well respected dancers, choreographers, TV stars and Hollywood A-listers!



BAMD team at Nigel Lythgoe's Dizzy Feet Foundation Ball 2015 image

> National Dance Day in LA – Whilst in LA, BAMD had the opportunity to perform at this event held by Nigel Lythgoe’s Dizzy Feet Foundation in front of 3000+ spectators, and we were showcased the same evening on the US So You Think You Can Dance


BAMD team in LA after LA Special Olympics 2015 image


> So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD)/Special Olympics Dance Competition, LA
– Our group placed 2nd at this world-renowned dance competition organised by Special Olympics and SYTYCD in LA


Bust a Move Dance has long been proud of our work with autistic, Down Syndrome, developmentally challenged, and the hard of hearing throughout the Brisbane area. Recently we were featured in an article from Connect Hearing, focusing on BAMD’s work with those who have hearing loss who are aspiring to careers in the arts. We discussed both the difficulties but also the rewards for people who join BAMD.

Our mission lies in creating an environment of inclusiveness, fun, and learning. For those actively seeking jobs or careers in the arts, we recommend taking the time to research and find dance companies with inclusive attitudes but you should also be confident in sharing artistic experiences. Most importantly, we encourage people with hearing loss to constantly take classes to keep working on one’s craft and always seek out challenges.

We also believe that dance can be expressed solely based on feelings and creating a more authentic movement when the dancer is unable to hear the music. Hopefully those who are hard of hearing and stay away from dance because of preconceived notions about this form of art, will be encouraged and inspired by a dedication to both personal and artistic inclusiveness. Be prepared to challenge yourself and be confident in exploring your creativity through dance.


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