Our Vision

Dance is a Universal Language.

BAMD’s vision is that people of all abilities feel equal and powerful in the world.

Our mission at BAMD is to provide a place where people of all abilities/disabilities can express themselves, individually and as a community, through our shared love for dance. Together, we endeavour to learn and to grow as dancers and as leaders, developing our skills to become advocates for ourselves and for our communities. Through our programming, we are committed to constantly working with all members of our community to create a space that is as safe and accessible as possible for everyone who wants to join us and bust a move!

Our Story

BAMD was founded in 2009 after our Director Ali Phillips was invited to assist Big Night Out – a monthly social event for young adults with disabilities in Brisbane, Australia. It was immediately apparent how much joy dance brought the participants, allowing them the opportunity to be themselves. BAMD classes began after an invitation to hold structured dance classes for these same young adults and over the years has been in high demand and experienced exceptional growth. Now BAMD runs multiple classes per week INTERNATIONALLY IN AUSTRALIA AND CANADA with the hopes to grow as the years continue.

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Our Philosophy

With a conscious focus on mindfulness, learning to be and stay within the present moment, setting intentions and accepting and believing in ones self, BAMD uses dance as an exploration of social and emotional development in its students; being a space for them to practice important life skills for the ‘outside world’ in a safe and non-judgemental dance studio.

Social - Emotional - Physical Development

From active listening to positive thinking to stamina, teachers explore facilitating dance through a different lens, understanding it’s power as a vehicle for personal development and change.

Dance Specific Skills

Teachers facilitate the exploration of improvisation, dancing in front of a camera, genre specific techniques, contact improvisation and more. 

Universal Design For Learning

Teachers are exposed to ensuring all classes are designed to be accessible and inclusive regardless of age, colour, ability, size, including those who typically do not have access to the benefits of dance. 

Limitless. Inclusive. Love.

Our Achievements

  • Asia Pacific Games 2013 – BAMD reached a huge milestone, performing at the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games in front of 40,000 people
  • Shade 2015 & 2016 – we have provided the platform for a number of our students to transition to professional mainstream productions, with students hired for the successful visual art and street dance collaboration SHADE two years running 
  • Special Olympics World Games, Los Angeles 2015 – our team raised almost $60,000 to take 35 dancers with and without disabilities to LA to perform for 6 days throughout the Special Olympics World Games festivals  
  • Dizzy Feet Foundation Gala LA 2015 – we were personally invited by Nigel Lythgoe to close the Dizzy Feet Foundation Annual Gala with our performance in front of many well respected dancers, choreographers, TV stars and Hollywood A-listers!
  • National Dance Day in LA – Whilst in LA, BAMD had the opportunity to perform at this event held by Nigel Lythgoe’s Dizzy Feet Foundation in front of 3000+ spectators, and we were showcased the same evening on the US So You Think You Can Dance
  • So You Think You Can Dance/Special Olympics Dance Competition, LA – Our group placed 2nd at this world-renowned dance competition organised by Special Olympics & SYTYCD in LA
So many memories and fun times!

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Inclusive. Love.

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