“Founding Bust a Move Dance is my greatest achievement. When I created it as a teenager I had no idea I was creating a legacy that would last this long. I am so proud of the community that stands strong in its celebration of inclusion and it will continue to be my greatest joy watching it grow.”


Director & Founder

Our Crew

Alex Costelloe picture

Alex Costelloe
Brisbane, Teacher

Alex Shelley
Brisbane, Teacher

Asher Bowen-Saunders

Asher Bowen – Saunders 
Brisbane, Teacher

Denzal Van Uitregt picture

Denzal Van Uitregt
Brisbane, Teacher

Katie Martin picture

Katie Martin
Brisbane, Teacher

Eve Carroll 
Brisbane, Teacher

Lucy Leadbetter
Brisbane, Teacher

Mana Ogawa
Brisbane, Teacher

Nadia Milford
Brisbane, Teacher

Wanida Serce teacher

Wanida Serce
Brisbane, Teacher

Headshot 2

Kate Baring-Gould
 Brisbane, Teacher

Past BAMD FAM members

We’d love to acknowledge each and every teacher and volunteer who has been a part of BAMD’s journey over the past 11 years.  Without the commitment from these incredible young people, BAMD would not be the organisation it is today. We will be forever grateful for their energy and love for the students and the wider BAMD community. 

Kate Baring-Gould
Elle Hart
Eula Davis
Zoe George 
Shir Ziskind
Ash Colalillo

Malcolm Messado 
Nichola Markham
Menilek Beyene
Jimmy Vasquez Gonzalez 
Louise Morrey

Keen to volunteer with us?

Over the years Bust a Move has recruited many generous, friendly and kind-hearted volunteers. From their feedback they only have positive experiences to recount and they have all developed beautiful relationships with the students.

No dance skills?

Yes, Bust a Move is a dance program. But you definitely don’t have to be a dancer to volunteer! If you’re just looking to help out in your community or make some new friends then definitely come and join a class!

All you need is energy and passion and you’re the right person for the job!

Here’s how to get involved

Ask yourself these three questions:

↝ What do I want to get out of my volunteer experience?

↝ Am I looking for a one off, short term, or undetermined length experience?

↝ Am I a Leader or a Follower?

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Inclusive. Love.

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